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Including Dyslexic Language Learners


Including dyslexic learners in a large language class may seem very challenging, but a few simple strategies can make learning more accessible for all.


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Including Dyslexic Language Learners. Activities to support learners with splds.

Activities that embody these characteristics are not only most helpful for dyslexic learners. Αll the learners in a class will benefit – indeed, many of the techniques that are usually suggested represent good general teaching practice.

Every ELT well activity comes with a full explanation of how the activity might work in a group.  Ηow to adjust the level of challenge to make them harder or easier and how to differentiate in a mixed ability group. They can also be adapted to be used in 1:1 contexts and the materials are available as word documents. In this way, they can be tailored to suit the exact needs of the target learner/s.

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