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English Sounds Fun

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English Sounds Fun (Book 1 Ready) is a structured but flexible programme designed to be accessible to all learners, including those with specific learning differences, like dyslexia.

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With English Sounds Fun Book 1 Ready, a holistic method, all students can enjoy learning English and develop firm foundations for progress towards proficiency. Students who complete all three books in the programme achieve competence at A1 and A2 (Common European Framework of Reference).

ESF is designed for teachers who are working with dyslexic learners and want to try a different approach. It can be used in 1:1 situations as well as small groups, with learners from 8 – 15 years of age, and older if appropriate.

It can also be used with learners who have complex difficulties, and any learner who has not benefitted from conventional tuition in the past.

Ideally, the learner would have 2 or 3 lessons a week, but ESF can also work on one lesson a week, so it fits with any schedule.

In book 1 students will:

  • Recognise and produce the sounds of English
  • Match the sounds to letters
  • Read and write new words
  • Create their own sentences

The teachers book contains a full explanation of the system used. Also contains procedures to follow in the lessons and a rationale for the methodology, at each step.

Each lesson is set up clearly. The teacher can follow up notes as s/he teaches the lesson. Also can look the students book material along side the lesson plan.

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