Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that has an effect not only on literacy skills in students´ first language, but also on foreign language learning. In order to ensure that dyslexic students successfully acquire necessary levels of foreign language competence, they need additional support.

Foreign language teachers often lack sufficient understanding of the nature of dyslexia and the difficulties it causes in foreign language learning and are not familiar with the relevant teaching techniques and methods to further the language learning processes of dyslexic students.

Therefore the preparation of teacher training materials for this target group of language learners is both timely and highly needed.

DysTEFL2 project is a continuation of the Comenius Multilateral Project – DysTEFL 518466-LLP-1-2011-PL-COMENIUS-CMP (www.dystefl.eu) and intends to promote an effective approach to teacher training which reflects the latest pedagogical principles in teacher education.

Download the Dystelf Project for Trainees here

Download the Dystelf Project for Trainers here