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2 Ιουνίου 2020

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Νέα σεμινάρια LE.G.S σε Αθήνα και Θεσσαλονίκη

LE.G.S  workshops are coming both in Athens and Thessaloniki… Always with the main focus being on achieving goals and maximizing the results. “Hands-on LE.G.S” workshop is...

Διδάσκετε αγγλικά; Οδηγός διδασκαλίας αγγλικών σε μαθητές με δυσλεξία DYSTELF 2

DysTEFL2’s objectives follow from the ideas we put forward in the DysTEFL project and involve the exploitation of the DysTEFL’s outcomes, namely the DysTEFL...

Αγγλικά και δυσλεξία: English Sounds Fun

Μεταλληνού Αναστασία Anastasia Metallinou (BA Honours in English & History, Oxford Brookes University, M.Ed. in Special Education, University of Bristol) is an English language teacher,...

Αγγλικά και δυσλεξία: English Souns Fun

Σας ετοιμάζουμε, διαδραστικές, πρακτικές παρουσιάσεις με ποικιλία υλικών τόσο έντυπων, όσο και ψηφιακών, για παρέμβαση και αξιολόγηση μαθητών με ειδικές μαθησιακές δυσκολίες. Αρχίζουμε να...

“Dare To Be Different: Learn, Develop, Succeed”. International Colloquium on Specific...

TESOL Greece and the Specific Learning Differences Special Interest Group (SpLDs SIG) aim to inform, support and empower English Language Teaching professionals who are faced with the challenge of teaching learners with a variety of specific learning differences.

The Foreign Languages Forum Thessaloniki

The Foreign Languages Forum is one of the main events in the Greek English Language Teaching calendar. Attended by approximately 700 ELT professionals, it features a 1-day programme of commercial and professional talks as well as workshops.

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